CBD Honey


CBD Honey

  • 500 mg CBD Isolate
  • 6 ounce jar
  • Local New Mexico Honey
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CBD Honey

Looking to boost your energy, lower stress levels and anxiety and get better sleep?









Test your tastebuds with a depth of flavor with “Beehempful” CBD Infused Santa Fe Raw Hive Honey! Hand harvested in northern New Mexico’s, Santa Fe region produced from wild natures, thousands of wildflowers, botanical herbal flowers, alfalfa, and fruit nectars, in the surrounding Land of Enchantment. The raw natural hive honey is infused with Taste the Tradition Behempful isolate extracted from the highest quality pure New Mexico hemp. Formulated with CBD isolate (no THC or may contain minute traces of THC) this delicious honey is USDA, NMDA, NMED compliant.

  • Those searching natural pain relief, help with anxiety or sleeping issues, migraines or cancer fighting abilities, have found that CBD honey is a double-barreled solution that is both effective and delicious
  • Honey is rich in antioxidants, an antibacterial and antifungal agent boosting body’s immunity and cancer fighting abilities. Honey is a powerful prebiotic, which is heart healthy and helps to raise good cholesterol levels, and increased blood flow to the heart.
  • As a healthy alternative to sugar, CBD-infused honey is perfect for use as a sweetener in hot or cold tea or coffee, an ingredient to top off your, toast or oatmeal, drizzle on fresh fruit or dive in for a teaspoon straight from the jar. There are 35 yummy teaspoons with 14 grams of pure natural CBD in each 6-ounce jar.









These are truly the most incredible, special little miracle workers who sweeten our day. They dedicate their lifetime (6 weeks) to produce 1 teaspoon of honey. Bees are a part of Mother Earths ecosystems. They provide us with a vibrant healthy food supply, 90% of flowering plant species on the planet require pollinators to aid in reproduction. Bees are a cornerstone of our food system and along with other pollinators, they help support the plants that provide the air we breathe.

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