CBD Gummies 10 mg


  • 10 mg CBD per Gummy
  • 250 mg CBD per Bag
  • Tropical Mix Includes: Tropical Punch, Key Lime, Pina Colada
  • Berry Mix Includes: Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry
  • Made with CBD Isolate
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Open the bag and you are immediately overwhelmed by the delightful aroma of fruity happiness.  CBD comes in many forms but none as delicious as Behempful CBD Infused Gourmet Gummies, the perfect option for daily dose of CBD that is THC-free and minimizes risk of getting high or failing a drug test. The freshness, texture, and amazing fruity flavor, combine to create the ultimate gummies using real fruit purée (no artificial flavors or colors) and 99.99% pure CBD concentrate (Isolate) without compromising flavor.

Benefits of Behempful CBD Infused Gourmet Gummies

Exciting option for daily simple CBD dosage. Quick, efficient and delicious! Convenient whether you need 10 mg or 25 mg, absolutely yummy- with no aftertastes, no added colors or artificial flavors. Great if not a fan of capsules or vaping. Fit great in your purse, gym bag or pocket and travel easily for busy lives, on the go! They also have a long shelf life (12 months), but most don’t’ make it past the first day’s delivery, so stock up!

CBD(Isolate)- Infused Gummies 

Isolate is cannabidiol that has been isolated and is 99.99% pure CBD concentrate, thus ensuring each gummy is an accurate 10mg or 25 mg dose. Behempful’s natural fruity flavored gummies are the only way to avoid the distinct taste of CBD extracts. If you are sensitive to or cannot have THC or are concerned about CBD making you drowsy Behempful CBD Isolate-Infused Gourmet Gummies are the choice to maintain general wellness.

Suggested Use:

Take 1, 2, 3 or 4 gummies by mouth daily. Morning, night, or throughout the day depending how your body reacts to the 10 or 25 mg, and if you are experiencing the desired effects. Many people are utilizing the Behempful CBD Infused Gourmet Gummies as an additive to their daily wellness routine.

Additional Information:

Regular use of CBD can help build a healthy baseline for your endocannabinoid system to promote overall balance and a sense of well-being for your body. This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Lab Reports:

All of our products are independently tested to ensure their quality. Download the lab certificate of analysis.

Behempful CBD Infused Gourmet Gummies – 10 mg CBD Micro Dose, 250 mg bag, 25 units 

We offer the best tasting CBD gourmet gummies because we are really picky when it comes to taste and are committed to making you happy. Our gummies are a delicious mix of real fruit purée, THC-free, these micro dosed 10 mg of CBD per gummy are precisely measured. You can take more than 1 portion to get the exact dose you need. Each resealable bag contains 25 gummies. They come in yummy assorted berry mix (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry) or assorted tropical mix (tropical punch, key lime, pina colada).


Berry Mix, Tropical Mix


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