Behempful Daily CBD Bundle


Bundle Includes:

  • 1 bottle Behempful Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture in Pina Colada flavor 500mg CBD
  • 1 bag of Tropical Mix  Behempful CBD Infused Gourmet Gummies Micro dose (10 mg) CBD
  • 1 jar of topical Behempful CBD Relief Balm PM- 600 mg CBD
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The Behempful Daily CBD Bundle is a carefully selected bundle of focus and serenity for mind and body, designed to support you in the morning, afternoon or evening. Promotes self- care through your day and helps you unwind when you need it most, to get a great night’s sleep. Regular use of CBD can help build a healthy baseline for your endocannabinoid system to promote overall balance and a sense of well-being for your body.

  • Behmepful Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture (500 mg) provides necessary cannabinoids (CBD) to maintain balance of your endocannabinoid system. As the natural alternative for relief, offered in the lower strength, it charges your morning with or clarity and focus. Our CBD oil can be used sublingually or added to your coffee or favorite cup of tea. A full dropper is a mild effective dose of 16 mg of CBD (1oz.) to kickstart your day.
  • For afternoon, Behempful’s natural fruity flavored gummies are the only way to avoid the distinct taste of CBD extracts, while managing everyday stressors. They support relief and are THC-free. If you are sensitive to or cannot have THC or are concerned about CBD making you drowsy Behempful CBD Isolate-Infused Gourmet Gummiest are the choice to maintain general wellness. They are also great option for people on the go for a healthy treat or a convenient supply of CBD when they cannot take their CBD oil
  • In the evening or bedtime, sooth your neck, back or limbs with our 600 mg Behempful CBD Relief Balm PM, after a stressful day or use as a regime for post work out.  The muscle and joint 600 mg cannabinoid-rich, deep penetrating salve designed to support everyday recovery/discomfort, a healthy inflammatory response, and relieve muscles and joints strained from overuse, sore from arthritis, or bruised from impact. The high-potency Relief Balm, formulated with full spectrum CBD and calming Lavender essential oil is optimal to finish off your day. This product has been third-party tested for cannabinoid content and contains less than .3% THC.


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