Intense Holiday Dreams CBD Bundle



Shop our CBD Holiday Bundles, and save up to 20% off on these Specially curated gift sets. Themed for daily balance, wellness, improved sleep, relief, recovery and more…. shipped directly to all on your list!


Improved Wellness & Health is on Everyone’s Wish List!

Stock up on your favorite BeHempful CBD products, go ahead and mix and match something new with something familiar on your journey to natural wellness.

Choose between pairs or trios of flavored full spectrum tincture CBD oils, CBD gummies (Isolate infused, THC-free, delicious mix of real fruit purée) or bundles which include soothing topical balms. BeHempful has done a lot to improve the quality of life for many, and you can share these love bundles for mind, body and spirit with everyone on your list!
  • Made with love collections
  • Various types of CBD products specially bundled to meet a particular need
  • Bundles are shipped in a holiday themed box including holiday card, for easy direct shipping to all on your list. The flat rate is only 12.00 per bundle (standard shipping).

There has been a notable rise in clinical scientific research into the potential benefits of CBD, including help with arthritis, chronic pain, depression, PTSD, nerve pain, headaches and much more. Support & shop for the ones you love with Mother Nature’s best for: 

  • Sleep
  • Relief
  • Inflammation
  • Recovery
  • Anxiety
  • Stress/Relaxation
  • Pain

Are you looking to improve your wellness, energy levels, and feel rejuvenated?

Consider Behempful full spectrum CBD hemp oil as an all-natural option.

Quality is Our Top Priority

Behempful was created on the basis that CBD extract consumers deserve high-quality products, grown with organic practices, that are delicious, effective and can be applied or consumed in a variety of ways (tinctures, topicals, edible gummies and premium CBD flower) High quality products and innovative manufacturing methods set Behempful as an industry standard, creating great tasting hemp extract products consumers love. Many lower quality CBD products have an oily or waxy taste. Customer testimonials comment on the preferred flavor and effects of Behempful CBD hemp oil and our hemp CBD products.

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