Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil


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Are you looking to improve your wellness, energy levels, and feel rejuvenated?

Consider Behempful full spectrum CBD hemp oil as an all-natural option.

Quality is Our Top Priority

Behempful was created on the basis that CBD extract consumers deserve high-quality products, grown with organic practices, that are delicious, effective and can be applied or consumed in a variety of ways (tinctures, topicals, edible gummies and premium CBD flower) High quality products and innovative manufacturing methods set Behempful as an industry standard, creating great tasting hemp extract products consumers love. Many lower quality CBD products have an oily or waxy taste. Customer testimonials comment on the preferred flavor and effects of Behempful CBD hemp oil and our hemp CBD products.

What Makes Behempful Unique?

We hand pick the best hemp plants during harvest to produce the purest Behempful hemp oil. Behempful products are produced in a unique extraction method utilizing organic food grade ethanol. The registered licensed extractors quick process puts the plants in the solution for a very short time, thus creating a more palatable extract without the heavy wax taste.
Terpenes also contribute to our tasty hemp oil. The natural flavor and taste of hemp are captured in the terpenes on the naturally growing hemp plants and develop a completely unique flavor profile depending on how and when the hemp is grown. Because we manually handpick our plants, we ensure an enjoyable terpene profile that enhances the taste of Behempful full-spectrum CBD hemp oil. The plants are never processed by a machine, which could decrease potency. The pure CBD oil is then manufactured into the Behempful products by a registered and licensed manufacturer.

High Altitude Hemp

BeHempful is cultivated from hemp plants raised under the warm New Mexico sun at 6500 ft adjacent to the highlands of the Rocky Mountains with quality aquifer water and utilizing organic and Good Farming Practices (GFP).

Refined Extraction and Genetics

The extraction of the large number of beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and bioflavonoids that make up our full spectrum hemp extract is done by using an organic food grade alcohol in a process of cold extraction. Cold alcohol extraction is an ancient alchemical process that is the only extraction method that honors and preserves the original essence of the plant.

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